To discover true potential, you have to look at things from every angle.

We strengthen companies by developing leaders and guiding transitioning employees to successful new beginnings. Awareness unlocks potential.


Leadership Development \\ Executive Coaching

We all want to grow. But finding the right path for growth can be a challenge. ClearRock has many years of experience helping leaders to recognize their own potential and uncover how to advance themselves as well as their teams and organizations.


Outplacement \\ Career Transition

Life is full of changes. Some chosen, some not. ClearRock meets people where they are at in life and helps them to embrace their individual potential for growth from that point forward. Because each of us has so much more to offer than even we are aware of.



When things become clear, potential is unlocked.

Knowledge Base

\\ Because awareness unlocks potential


I now have stronger confidence in approaching issues directly to influence positive change.  These skills will help me transform my team into a higher functioning unit.

Executive Director of Gift Administration, Higher Education

The ClearRock team is respectfully honest and focused on doing the right thing in offering a high-quality service. ClearRock helped me to navigate through the minefield of emotions, planning a clear map of what we would do at each step of the process.

Site Head, Pharmaceutical Firm

My ClearRock coach encouraged me to view issues from multiple 'lenses.' Empathy for others' perspective is critical and assists in identifying solutions. My coach also helped increase my awareness of different work styles that can lead to miscommunications or misunderstandings.

Executive Director, Higher Education

ClearRock always puts the person they are working with at the center of the process and maintains contact with them until they transition to a new position. We have worked with ClearRock for over eight years and they have consistently gone above and beyond.

Executive Director Human Resources, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

ClearRock was recommended by colleagues as a professional and personal organization with an excellent track record of guiding employees through major job transitions. They were responsive and invested significant energy into understanding the overall future of the Company and the need to cut back on staff.

President, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

ClearRock has been a life saver for me. I’m so very grateful for the support and help these past months. I’ve learned so much and gained great insight!

Administrative Professional, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

I can clearly say I am fortunate to receive the solid support and expertise of the entire ClearRock team; the staff is highly knowledgeable and has helped me prepare for entering the job market. They are job-search experts, brainstorming partner, confidant, and trusted advisor.

President & Site Head, Pharmaceutical Firm

Both the individual outplacement coaching and project team were extremely useful. The coaching was clear and compassionate with great insight and value. My consultants were extraordinary and really helped throughout the process.

My experience with ClearRock was exceptional and I would highly recommend these services!

Project Management Professional, Higher Education

Thanks a million ClearRock! You made a very difficult, unexpected transition process very dignified and straightforward. The staff was excellent and my consultant is a tremendous asset to your company. I wouldn’t be in my new position without him.

Chief Technology Officer, Insurance Industry

ClearRock provided each of my former staff members with empathetic support and then guidance for each individual of next steps and future potential roles. I would recommend ClearRock without reservation.

President, Bio/Pharmaceutical Firm

My ClearRock consultant was great to work with! She was responsive to my inquiries, and provided valuable insight into specific situations based on years of experience in the field. It was a fantastic experience - I can't wait to let her know where I land!

General Management, Financial Services Industry