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10 Life and Leadership Lessons from the 2018 Patriots Season

Ellie Eckhoff While it was with crushing disappointment that I watched the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, I expect that on Monday morning, Coach Belichick and many members of the team, were already thinking about how they will improve their performance next season. It is this…


ClearRock – a Certified Partner of Predictive Index

The Predictive Index Methodology The Predictive Index Methodology is comprised of a suite of assessments, software, and instructor-led workshops.  This system, coupled with ClearRock’s team of talent management experts, ensures that an organization has the tools and support needed to hire, develop, and retain talent that aligns with the organization’s…


6 Criteria for Cultivating a Coaching Culture

Six Criteria for Cultivating a Coaching Culture Ellie Eckhoff​ ​ There is a growing movement among organizations to cultivate a coaching culture, as more companies recognize the impact that this strategy has on organizational success. Traditionally, coaching has been reserved as a development tool for senior leaders, or as a…


5 Strategies to Improve Performance Management and Unlock Potential

  By: Kathleen Teehan Develop a Coaching Culture.  Although coaching has traditionally been used as a development tool for leaders, organizations are expanding the reach to include individuals as every stage of their career.  Essentially, coaching involves asking individuals the right questions and getting them to reach their own “aha…


Cultivating a Coaching Culture

by Ellie Eckhoff There is a growing movement among organizations to cultivate a coaching culture, as more companies realize the value of such a strategy. Traditionally coaching has been used as a development tool for leaders, in many organizations access has expanded to individuals at every stage of their career. …


How to Retain Engagement after a Staff Reduction

  By Kathleen Teehan A reduction in staffing is extremely disruptive to the organization, the transitioning employees and all who remain in the organization (yourself included).  Individual’s involved may experience a range of emotional reactions including grief: denial, shock, anger, and finally acceptance. Remaining employees experience various levels of mourning,…


ROI on High Touch Outplacement?

By Ellie Eckhoff Investing in the future of an exiting employee may seem counterintuitive, particularly if the layoff is part of an initiative to cut costs across the business. However, since the early 1960’s, when outplacement services began to take hold, there is enough compelling evidence that suggests that this…


10 Questions to Ask an Outplacement Provider

By Kathleen Teehan Thinking about an Outplacement Provider is typically not top of mind for most Human Capital leaders.  Probably because it’s not pleasant to think about downsizing, employee terminations or situations that require a downward shift in headcount.  As a regional leader in this space, we’ve heard this type…


Is Your Organization Considering an Investment in Executive Coaching?

Article by Laura Poisson   Maximizing the performance of a leadership team through executive coaching can yield significant returns for an organization.  According to a recent global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre, the mean Return on the Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment. It…


3 C’s to Create a Feedback-Rich Culture

  ClearRock’s Expert Coaches Offer 3 C’s to Create a Feedback-Rich Culture by Ellie Eckhoff   Why are so many companies struggling with fostering and creating a culture of feedback?  Three experienced coaches from ClearRock, Inc., a Boston-based career transition, outplacement, leadership development, and executive coaching firm see compelling evidence that organizations…


5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations

  5 Strategies to Minimize the Negative Impact of Employee Separations   By Laura Poisson There are few things leaders must do that are more difficult than terminating someone’s employment. The key to minimizing the negative impact on the affected employee and protecting morale in the workplace is to ensure separated…


10 Life and Leadership Lessons From the Patriots

By Ellie Eckhoff Team first – teams win together and lose together. Invest in and develop your players to bring out their best. Have one team goal and get all players working toward that goal. Inspirational leadership – put a “Brady-like” leader in front – people follow those they trust…


Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective

Feedback: An Organizational and Individual Perspective Part One by Geralyn Burke Gray, Annie Stevens, and Lisa Zankman   Feedback – An Organizational View   Why is it that so many companies struggle with fostering and providing ongoing feedback? It seems that we have many forces trying to make sure that…


Engaging Employees After A Layoff

There are few things more difficult to do than terminating someone’s employment. Employees who are treated with dignity and respect in this process, and receive the support they need, will progress in their job search with greater ease and reflect more positively on their experiences with their former employer. Remaining…


Isn’t It Time We Did Some Life Planning?

By Russ Jones, President, First Transitions, Inc.   Perhaps author and businessman Harvey Mackay said it best, “A dream is just a dream – a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.” How often have we thought about various aspects of our lives and wished that somehow…