5 Strategies to Improve Performance Management and Unlock Potential


By: Kathleen Teehan

Develop a Coaching Culture.  Although coaching has traditionally been used as a development tool for leaders, organizations are expanding the reach to include individuals as every stage of their career.  Essentially, coaching involves asking individuals the right questions and getting them to reach their own “aha moments.” Through company sponsored programming, external Executive Coaches, and online coaching platforms, companies are focused on developing the necessary skills that result in improved performance for all employees.  As leaders become more comfortable with applying these coaching concepts to their daily interactions, overengineered and ineffective traditional performance management systems become obsolete.

Simplify the rewards system.  As leaders struggle with intense demands and sometimes unrealistic time pressures, taking time to recognize employees for exceptional contribution/performance can easily fall by the wayside. Create a reward system that is easily accessible and allows managers to reward employees in a timely manner.  And never forget the power of a “Thank You.”

Build resiliency.  Allow people a safe place to fail, learn and recover quickly – enough said.

Develop formal and informal mentoring programsOften partnering a mentor and a mentee is obvious based on organizational roles and developmental needs. Encourage informal mentoring, where the mentee initiates the relationship to focus primarily on their own professional development.  Consider volunteer mentoring, allowing individuals to come forward and share their relevant skills with others in an informal lunch/learn setting.

Use behavioral analytics to better understand your audience and improve communication effectiveness.  Even well-intentioned leaders can negatively impact how their employees feel about the company, their job and their overall willingness to perform at the highest potential.  Provide leaders with greater insights into how to best motivate and communicate